Welcome to Poetry and Prayers! I am so excited to show you my process for making these beautiful and sacred prayer flag assemblages. I made this mini course to be something achievable in little snippets of time over a week or so. I so often only have a few minutes a day for my self care practice (which is art) so I wanted to make something that fits with that way of creating. You'll also notice I sort of "jump right in" to the meat of the techniques because well that's what I like when I am learning. I like to be inspired briefly with a spark of creative energy and then I like to make! I also believe you have everything already inside you to make the most beautiful and soulful art. You my just need a little spark too!

A huge part of my creative process is in collecting and finding. I love to gather tiny pieces of lost and forgotten treasures on my walks. I live in the Colorado mountains near a mining town where there is always little treasures waiting to be found. Both natural and manmade. But no matter where you live I promise there is always something to find and discover when we slow down and observe our surroundings. Even the inside of our homes are filled with lost and forgotten treasures! Pull out an old jar of buttons or that basket of old linens you inherited from grandma and see what you can find that sparks your creativity! Look through a box of old junk mail for little pieces of interesting papers or words, maybe even under your sofa!

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