Materials and Supplies

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Supply List 

White Gesso 

Matte Medium Fluid 

Gel Medium for adhesive 

Tea bags for aging 

Instant Coffee for aging 

Plaster Of Paris (powder) alternatively you could us Venetian Plaster or pre made plaster in a tub or modeling paste

Stencils I used round or doily type stencils

Hot Glue gun and glue sticks 


Found objects buttons, leaves, moss, rusty bits, bead, charms 

Sticks about 8 inches long 


Black Embroidery Thread and needle

Assortment of Paint Brushes 

Spatula, old credit cards, scrapers, or palette knife

Assorted Papers a small collection. I used some from older projects 

A few small pieces of interesting lace, fibers, fabrics 

Canvas Fabrics (cotton or linen) i used drop cloth


Glue Stick

White Oil Pastel Or China Marker 

Tim Holtz Vintage Photo Distress Ink 

Vintage Book Text I use Poetry Books

Vintage photos with small faces I use photos from books or photo copies of original photos

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